Who we are

Weston Consulting is a global risk advisory group in Central & Eastern Europe with an uncompromising attitude to compliance with the law and the application of the highest ethical standards in corporate intelligence. 

The best way to minimize your risk is quite simple – to increase your knowledge.  Weston Consulting provides the information and strategic analysis you need in order for you to make informed decisions about your business.

Weston Consulting clients range from private and public companies, professional services firms, law firms, hedge funds and private equity firms, investment banks, financial institutions, global risk advisory businesses as well as private and sovereign clients seeking to recover assets.

Weston Consulting has a network of experienced professionals throughout the CEE and CIS region mainly drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including the legal profession, accounting, banking, the armed forces, the police, the intelligence services, public relations, journalism, academia and specialist research.

The ever changing and complex nature of modern business in the day and age of increasing globalisation has created new opportunities for firms, but also new risks and potential threats including:

  • The increasing sophistication of fraud, organized crime and terrorism; 
  • Ever changing and increasingly more complex legislation and regulations, some with increasing extra-territorial reach;
  • Developing challenges around technology; 
  • Complex cross-border and multi jurisdictional disputes;
  • Pitfalls from expanding into or undertaking acquisitions in different global markets; 
  • Dependencies on unfamiliar business partners/counterparties as well as more complex supply and distribution channels; 
  • Theft and misuse of intellectual property.

Businesses and organizations, which can effectively monitor and swiftly respond to potentially damaging situations such as these, are better placed to deal with them promptly, efficiently and effectively, while reducing adverse financial, reputational or operational impact.

We operate in Poland and Russia as well as throughout CEE & CIS region and Western Europe.